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The Symptoms and Effects of Clinical Depression


Symptoms can be associated with the determination of Clinical Depression. The symptoms of clinical depression may or can include:

.::. Insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) or Hypersomnia (unusually high sleeping hours)

.::. A depressed mood that is characterized by sadness, emptiness and helplessness

.::. Lack of interest and/or pleasure in all types of activities

.::. A significant loss or gain of weight (e.g. a change of more than 5% body weight that is not a result ddof dieting)

.::. A increased or decreased appetite

.::. Fatigue and a loss of energy and liveliness

.::. Inablity to concentrate, focus, think and make decisions

.::. Feelings of worthlessness, guilt and low self esteem and confidence

.::. Thoughts of death- including ideas, thoughts or plans for suicide

.::. Withdrawal of contact with family and friends [isolation]

.::. Irritability, mixed/uncontrollable emotions

.::. Mood swings



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