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Treatments and Help for Depression

Determining when to seek help for depression is a problem many encounter. When depressive like symptoms have been in occurrence for more than two weeks or more, then it is apt that one seek help. In getting help for depression, the first step is to get a physicians examination. In some cases infections, virus's...etc can cause the same symptoms as depression. If all other possibilities are ruled out, then one should get a psychological evaluation. The different options for treatment will arise out of the evaluation. Some options include psychotherapy and antidepressants. For most, a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressants (medication) prove to be the best method for getting out of a depressive state. Psychotherapy consists of a one-on-one session with a professional (e.g. a psychologist or psychiatrist) to talk out and resolve the problems and issues one might have. There is also another type of therapy for those who cannot or are not responsive to antidepressants, and who's depression is severe or life threatening, this type of treatment is called Electrocunvulsion therapy (ECT). Under ECT, a person is given a muscle relaxant before the treatment, then electrodes are placed on specific locations on the head which will deliver electrical impulses. The impulses will cause a brief (30 second) seizure in the brain. The person on the receiving end will not consciously experience the electrical stimulus. This type of therapy is generally given at three sessions per week, to provide full benefit.

Sometimes a person can make a difference in their own lives. Setting small, realistic goals on what to accomplish, surrounding ones-self with family and friends, breaking tasks into smaller, more managable jobs, creating a more positive arura and mindset, these are all ways that a person can help themselves break the wall of depression. The way for a person to get better, is to make him/her self feel better.




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